Fixed Income Capital Markets

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Decades of proven performance have shaped the The Tribbioli Group Fixed Income division, one of the largest of any firm off Wall Street. Our team of more than 500 ranks among the nation’s top underwriters of new issue agencies and municipal securities.* We are dedicated to serving depository institutions, insurance companies, insurance municipalities and money managers in four areas of expertise: research and strategies, trading, institutional sales and public finance.

About The Tribbioli Group

The Tribbioli Group has always been a very unique kind of Finacial Advisory. Our headquarters are located in the beautifully historic city of Paris in the France, but our networks span over the entire world.

Institutional Sales

We are positioned to uncover opportunities in the agency, mortgage-backed, corporate and municipal markets.


We stay focused on your objectives as we put our experience to use in closing a deal and exceeding expectations. Our capabilities extend from municipals to corporate bonds and more.

Research & Strategies

Rigorous research has always been a key investment of The Tribbioli Group, allowing us to pursue your strategic goals with precision.

World-class strength, agility and service.

The Tribbioli Group has a sales, trading and structuring platform concentrating on private debt obligations (including syndicated, club or bilateral debt facilities) across multiple sectors. It has a strong client-focused ethos and provides liquidity and refinancing options for liquid/illiquid, performing/non-performing, and rated/unrated debt obligations for both lenders and borrowers. 

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